How I think the Hot Zone can be buffed for season 2

A lot of the time when I see hotzone at watchtower south a lot of teams end up going skull town cause the loot pills aren't really reliable since they can only spawn two things somtimes. Now that they've added loot pills to other places around the map (hopefully more of these in season 2 planned already) I feel like in the hotzone these should always spawn full, never repeat a spawn unless it's ammo (gun and two stacks of matching rounds), and have a 50% chance to spawn a hopup for the gun that was spawned inside, otherwise it could be like a nade or meds. However the point is a guaranteed weapon with decent ammo amount and either heals or nades and an chestplate. Though you could still get a backpack, helmet, three different kinds of heals, grenades. I feel like this could give the zones a better feel of loot distribution, and allow players to spread out more but still have combat potential. This could allow people to share buildings too if applied to the loot stacks on floors but I'm not sure that wouldn't be too much. Anyway let me know how you guys feel about this. Do you think it would help or hurt the flow of the game?


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