How Much Money Would Your Account Fetch?

If you were selling your account online how much would you make, considering how many hours you put in, and how many legendary items you have at EA's prices? Well in the Apex Store, 3 legendary items are ~$50. If playing Apex was an actual job, each hour you play translates to $7.25, the federally mandated minimum wage. Of course, minimum wages vary across each state in the US.

For me, I currently have 52 legendary items. This includes legend skins, banners, finishers; weapon skins, and bobbleheads. Those 52 legendary skins also contain several LTM skins and Battlepass skins. Not only that, but there are badges, kills, wins, trackers, and KD. I also have 318 hours on Apex. The equation to calculate your account worth looks like this: (Hours played*7.25) +(Legendary items/3*50). This doesn't even account for anything besides Legendary skins and playtime. My account is worth: (318*7.25) +(52/3*50)=$3,172.17 US.

Everyone would consider my account overpriced, which it certainly is. 3100 plus for my a$$ account, level 201, barely reaching platinum each season, and a .8 KD? You could buy a Predator account who reached Predator, has a hundred skins, rare badges, and a 5 KD. But that's the point. You shouldn't boost or buy old accounts or even cheat. There's no satisfaction in beating someone with a computer program. All those badges? You won't even know about the events they came from or how hard it was to obtain them. The same goes for skins. You may be struggling, but every pro was at that "new kid" stage. It's simply a matter of when you become your best. It's always better to just earn your way to the top. Well, for most people.


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