How to keep Apex fresh?

Hi i was having this discussion with a friend and thought I'd bring it to Reddit what are some of the ways you think they could keep Apex fresh?

Some of the ideas my friend and I came up with was:

  1. Have 2 week cycles of Past and future timed events. Things like the halloween game mode and snipers only etc but have a new one patched into the game every two weeks or thereabouts so there is something new to play on a regular basis.
  2. Map choices or at least swtiching between the new and the old one
  3. Random Legend picking game mode. A mode where you have no choice over what legend you play as you just get given one and have to adapt your play style.

These were just a few of our ideas do you guys have any others? I think they have such a gem of a game with Apex just need to find a way to keep it fresh with regular updates


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