How to nerf Pathfinder without making him unfun to play.

Do the opposite of what was done today.

Hear me out.

I think the reason people are so upset with Pathfinders nerf isn't because they want him to be OP. As a Pathfinder main myself, sure it's nice to be playing an overpowered legend, or the best legend, or an s tier legend, or whatever, but that's not why I'm upset. And I'm not unreasonable, if a character is clearly overpowered over another I'm not going to complain when that gets fixed.

I'm upset because the grapple is so much goddamn fun. Even out of fights, just flying, gliding, and zipping around these maps, with this amazing movement system and physics engine, is so much fun. Zipping everywhere and getting good at grapple vaulting and slingshotting is a huge reason I fell in love with this game. Making that an ability I have to conserve and feel bad about using is just shitty.

I don't care if Pathfinder is F tier, just keep him fun to play.

Here's my suggestions:

Make him way easier to down. Increase the low profile debuff. Make his hotbox bigger. Hell, I don't care if you make his hotbox the shitty massive one with no holes in his legs from season 0. I'd even be for making it that the screen on his chest also counts for headshot damage. But reverse today's change and make it so that his tactical charges quickly, quicker than before even. 10 seconds.

Make Pathfinder a slippery legend with his crazy mobility, but if you can hit him, he's very easy to down.

I think that's a fair way to nerf Pathfinder without taking away the whole enjoyment of his character, which is his freedom of movement.


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