How to play loba and why she’s not bad

I've noticed alot of people are saying loba is the worst legend this season and i never understood why. I've been looking for more people's opinions on the matter and alot of criticisms or arguments come from a misunderstanding of her kit. So i made this post to explain how to use her kit correctly and to see how people's opinions of her will change with this information


Tip 1: use her ult in mid fights more so you can armor swap, get more nades and whatever would help you win that fight. People keep using loba's ult like a loot stick but its more like a portable death box and if you view it this way, you will find more use with it

Tip 2: use her ult to loot in unsafe locations. If you're ever in a situation where there are a bunch of death boxes everywhere but you cant loot them because little timmy the virgin boy is sniping you from 1000 miles away if you get out of cover with his charge rifle and triple take, try using the black-market to steal loot from those death boxes instead. Also if you're looting in the black-market and you see something you want disappear, there's an enemy in the area and you should probably use that anger to kill them.

Tip3: use it when running from the storm, use the black-market to steal syringes from the area to help you survive for a little bit longer.

I only have one tip for this one so listen up. If you're a path main and you came to loba expecting spiderman 2.0, that will never happen. The jump drive isn't like the grapple or wraith's phase where it can be used with no thought of the player. You have to try to make it work. So start using her bracelet from cover to escape, it goes really far so make sure there are no enemies where you're throwing it and stop using it out in the open.


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