Huge skill gap between European and NA servers

Alright, so i am from Europe and ive started playing apex on ps4 in season 5 (first ever fps on ps4 also), and ive been plat since season 5, it wasnt much of a problem hiting plat tbh even tho i sucked im season 5, as i got better i noticed that 9 out of 10 plat are trash, i was managing to almost always knock at least 1 guy in every fight but the team was almost always slacking and never have mic or listen to comms or pings and no i dont want to rank up with a squad i want to do it solo. I was soo frustrated that i even stoped playing apex for 2 weeks. Then a couple of days ago i decided to try new york server, i had 109 ping which isnt that bad, i played on worse before. And oh boy was i surprised 9 out of 10 people have mics, they communicate good, follow up on knocks, disengage properly and all that sweet stuff. I climbed out of plat 4 in a day, something i couldnt do in 3 months. And no i didnt get carried, dmg was about the same every game. Anyone else had similar experience?

P.s sorry for the long post, im just in awe 😀


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