I am DONNNNNE with ranked play I usually dont complain but this is riduculous.

I had a game in ranked today .. and this has happened to me before but not to THIS EXTENT its becoming a huge issue now …

My teammates would simply wait for me to fight output alot of damage and they would NOT help me at all just if the enemy is pushing me let me fight all 3 of them and wouldnt do a thing to help me.

Then they simply come in pick up the kills and because im downed I get absolutely no credit for all the work I put in I am basically there to get them points and they arent looking to help me at all.

That ruined ranked for me forever and seriously makes me second guess continuing to play this game … I mean I know the devs don't care about this game and I know they could give less care about my complaint.

But this is inexcusable to allow that to happen while I sit there working with my team I am being treated like a point machine for my partners and I am getting absolutely no benefit from it even doing alot of damage to the enemy and even downing one or two of them on occassion they simply wait for them to be revived then they walk in and kill them all when im downed.

I went through a whole match we killed about 4 teams and I got ZERO absolutely NOTHING for it. WHAT AM I PLAYING RANKED FOR !? feels like nothing so I am done.

I am sorry to complain I have tried my BEST to not complain about this game since season 1 but that triggered me soo hard. And this isnt a bronze match this is in platinum this stuff is going on.

The simple change would be even if your downed you still get the points if you helped down an enemy or something I dont know what kind of thing the devs could come up with.

But that was absolutely sickening. The worst time I have ever had playing a video game EVER. Never have I been so angry at something ….. I will post video here of the match as I get them uploaded to show that they did this more than once in this game.

At one point the MIGGOS guy even said GET ME POINTS BITCH basically noting that he was just doing that on purpose … people like that should be banned.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/he3qin/i_am_donnnnne_with_ranked_play_i_usually_dont/

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