I dont understand some ppl

i was playing ranked and i am in plat 3 (solo queue coz nobody i know is platinum) and i get 2 ppl in my team that started folowing a squad on drop and tried to puch them instantly. i then kill them all with a gun and we proceed.

Then they find a hole and proceed to sit in the hole together and not move. they then start to cuss me for calling them out and then they say they got to masters ranked by camping in that same way. they were then very toxic in chat which i didnt report coz i was equally as toxic back for obvious reasons.

then they move coz the ring went somewhere else. they get into a fight and run away leaving me to die and their excuse is that its 1 day off of rank reset.

this pissed me off so much coz its already hard enough to solo queue without retards like that getting in my games. ppl like this waste my time in game and there is nothing that i can do about it which is wat pisses me off the most. i ended up lossing 32 ranked points coz we didnt kill anyone.

even if it is ranked reset soon that doesnt mean u cant climb 1 or 2 more sub ranks so that u get reset slightly higher. i hate ppl that ruin the experience of the game like this. it makes me so angry. i just want to punch then in the face

i wont provide names since im pretty sure whitch hunting isnt alowed.

oh and of course one of them is wraith and 1 is pathfinder so they can easily bitch out of any engagment. (im not cussing the legends, i love path. its just exactly wat u would expect since they are best for running away)

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