I feel like wraith’s into the void ability needs a buff (leave your thoughts)

When you activate it, there is about half a second delay before it activates and leaves you open and completely defenseless to the attack you are trying to avoid. I cannot count how many times i have either been mid animation or already in the void only to be completely ripped out of it and downed, unlike titanfall 2 where the ability was instant And had no tracking.

Which leads me to my next point, the ability to track wraith while she is in the void is the most asinine function in the game. Not only does it negate the entire function of the ability of getting out of fights quickly, it puts you at a direct disadvantage by giving the enemy a way to easily follow you and get a free kill due to you not having the ability to see where they are or even know if they are following you. And even in the 30% of the time you actually manage to juke them and get away, the loud exit sound of your ability completely gives away any hiding spot that you managed to find in the 2.5 seconds of safety you are given.

I do realize that a decent amount of twitch streamers use wraith but lately it seems more like they are favoring pathfinder over anyone else. Who i would argue is way easier to play right now.

And people saying that her ability is mainly used for getting out of caustic gas or grenades/ults feels like they are saying that caustic's traps are mainly to keep doors closed or entrances sealed, which is a different and inventive way people have used that character's ability but i dont believe that that was the main idea behind the ability.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback or discussion on this idea/issue. All i ask is that we keep it civil in the comments have a good day.

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