I Hate Quitters

Why do so many players only have 1 thing they are good at? and why is that one thing, how fast they can exit quit out of a game.

I've had teammates,

who straightup leave you behind when you're down.

who have quit while im heading over to revive them.

who have quit WHILE im reviving them.

who have quit WHILE im respawning them.

who refuse to go to the respawn beacon.

who, in apex, are the peak of a-holes, no pun

who drop somewhere halfway across the map.

who are more toxic then a caustic gas trap.

who, when a fight starts, i couldnt even find in the lost and found.

thousands, upon thousands who quit within 0.2 seconds of being downed.

my main question is, why do you play this team oriented game with respawning, if you dont like playing as a team or waiting to get respawned ??

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cysvwa/i_hate_quitters/

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