I have some questions about opinions on PBMM.

First I would like to say I don't want this to be a post where people fight, so if you get heated please just take a breathe before popping off.

So I guess I really want to know why it seems so bad? I am relatively new to Apex, I started at the beginning of this season. This is also my first FPS I have really played besides maybe 2 months of Overwatch on release. I come from RPGs so shooters in general are still very hard for me. It felt like when SBMM wasn't a thing, I never learned anything. I would just get dropped on by a twitch streamer then get 2 shot by a Wingman and all i learned was how to re-que. I get it is very relaxing to go into a public match and just be able to relax, but as a new player I couldn't even learn the recoil of guns , or proper rotations while in actual fights, because I just instantly died. Since SBMM, I have made nothing but progress. Now I get to get into fights and actually learn from my misses and rotations because I am not instant dying. I get that the biggest argument will be "just play ranked", but as a new player in bronze, if I'm not lucky I have to wait around 20 minutes for a queue. I am not learning much when I get to play one game every 15-20 minutes.I don't mean to sound like I am complaining, I just have felt better since it was implemented, and I want to hear the other side. The people that aren't happy about it.

I am sorry if I made some punctuation and spelling mistakes I am getting over being pretty sick.

Edit for PBMM to SBMM.

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