I love Apex Legends, but I hate Battle Royales

That being said, Apex is hands down, the BEST Battle Royale out there. Unfortunately, I still hate Battle Royales.

I know what Im about to say is probably a waste of time and it will never happen BUT I wish Apex had another game mode that wasn't a Battle Royale but still used much of the same mechanics from the live version of the game.

One on my favorite modes from Titanfall 2 was a mode called Bounty Hunt. I feel like that mode has potential to be worked into a new permanent mode for Apex Legends for players that don't enjoy Battle Royale.

How I envision Apex Bounty:

The mode would be a PvEvP mode.

The mode would be 15 squads.

The match would be a 25-30 min timed round.

The goal would be for your squad to collect a set amount of Apex Bounty Tags. Example 1000 Bounty Tags

This mode could also work solo, duo or trio.

You get Apex Bounty Tags from killing other players or ai enemies. You must loot them to collect the bounty.


While you are carrying Tags, they can be picked up by other players.

To secure your squads bounty tag score, you must interact with bank stations scattered across the map and deposit them. Which ever squad has the highest secured score at the end of the round are the Apex Champions.

When you die in Bounty Hunt, you still go into down state, but once you are thirsted, you will respawn automatically on a timer. A new drop ship will cross the map every so many minutes with every player that has been thirsted. Those players then have to redrop and regroup with their squad.

Squads would also have the option to sacrifice 1 banked Apex Bounty Tag at a respawn beacon to bring fallen allies back into the game faster.


Every so many minutes, there will be random AI enemies/map events that occur. The announcer will announce this to every team. Random events could be things like "boss fights" and a Titan falls into the map, killing it grants a larger amount of coins/tags. Of course, you will be fighting other squads over events like this. (Hopefully, taking their tags as well).

Other events could be other factions coming in on drop ships and sending waves of robots out to kill everyone. Maybe a huge nest of spiders has hatched. There could be rare spawns of roaming animals found on the planets, etc. Killing and looting all of these events will also grant a larger amount of Apex Bounty Tags.

Every game of Apex Bounty Hunt would feature different random events so no match is ever really the same.


Set up would be similar with a few key changes:

Before you launch the mode, you select which loadout you want, selecting a primary/secondary weapon. Weapons are no longer part of the loot pool and replaced with more ammo and weapon attachments. You can't switch weapons during the game. Care package weapons act as a 3rd weapon until ammo runs out.

When you launch the mode, you still run through the hero select/team comp screen and everyone still has to drop in from the drop ship. The timer starts as soon as you are able to launch from the ship.


You could also grant bonus xp for top 5 squads in this mode as well.

Im sure Im missing a few things, but this is a rough outline of how I see Apex Bounty Hunt. We would still get to play our favorite heroes without the annoying parts of a battle royale, like landing, opening 6 loot bins, not finding a single weapon or peice or armor, then being one shot and thirsted. Plus, you would always be respawned in Bounty Hunt, so you could actually play the game.

The TLDR: I want Titanfall 3 please.

Anyway, would you enjoy a mode like this is Apex Legends?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dt5ibo/i_love_apex_legends_but_i_hate_battle_royales/

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