I love Armed and Dangerous

I know people like A&D because it’s something different and content is good.

But as someone who has hit a bit of a wall as far as skill set goes, this mode has been wonderful for me.

I’m not a hardcore FPS/Battle Royale player, but I’m more than a casual. But as someone who just isn’t great at PvP games, Apex has gotten frustrating. Even with good armor and an S tier gun, I often get lasered. I’ve gotten better at positioning and aiming etc, but good players have just outpaced me. Let alone the infuriating RNG of getting a white shield and a P2020 on drop while my first opponent has purple shield and a Devo.

But in A&D we’re all on the same playing field basically. RNG is still a little off but for the most part it’s not a race to find heals and ammo and a better gun. Most all the guns are viable depending on your skill set.

I’ve never raged or gotten frustrated in A&D. I don’t know what it is but I think the slower playstyle and emphasis on hitting single shots just is more fun for me than getting lasered in 1 second by a R99.

Also it’s let me really practice with single shot guns and work on my aim without having to worry about dying to automatic weapons.

I know not everyone has loved A&D but I think it’s been a great mode for us with a lower skill set to practice our skills without being totally outpaced.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d1ivsf/i_love_armed_and_dangerous/

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