I love this game… but I’m starting to become lost…

I absolutely love apex, from the movement to character design I play this game every day!

Now time for the part I’m not understanding anymore. What in the world happened and is continuously happening… cause right now who knows!?

The dev team was always in constant communication on Twitter and this reddit form. Having discussions about legends, glitches, problems and more. Ever since the beginning to mid of season 5 that just magically disappeared. I know corona virus can effect companies in a huge way, I get that, honestly.

However why not just come out and explain that to us instead of hiding it. If these events or new ideas are that backed up just tell us, hey guys we have been effected by the virus but not to worry we are working hard and here’s some returning LTM’s.

Or is the opposite;

The evo armor levels at the beginning of the season was weird and unexpected, and definitely not what the community wanted. The old respawn would have had a LTM testing out the change and then maybe implemented it into the current season. There has been a constant complaint about audio bugs, (I hear octane’s legs at least 6 times a match) and much more. And they have seemed to change recent ideas and skins and have pushed them back or even away.

Has there just been a constant push back from people online that they just can’t seem to communicate (because some people on the internet can be a bit harsh)

Anyways what do you guys think? I’m not trying to be negative here I just have felt that close connection to the game fading away and I don’t want that… cause apex for life

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/iti3g8/i_love_this_game_but_im_starting_to_become_lost/

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