I miss Kings Canyon so much that I stopped playing Apex Legends.

I still love Apex Legends so much, but just not the new big update. I’ve been almost playing it since day one but after they removed KC i just don’t like the game anymore. You guys might think that I overreact or I haven’t got used to the new map and “it will grow on me” but my personal opinion is that it won’t. Since they destroyed the places in season 2 the game has been a bit less enjoyable to me. I had like a strategy for places and almost every place that i used to go had been destroyed (favorite place was Cascades, i used to always land there). The map has a huge impact on the game and if the map isn’t enjoyable, the game just won’t be enjoyable to play. One of the reasons i quit playing Fortnite because the map kept changing and I totally dislike that but Apex has done the same ( Apex is just a better game overall to me tho). Since the beginning the map was perfect to me but now it’s so messy and you don’t have a good overview on the map anymore. The loot has been decreased and the map is just so weird. I really miss King Canyon and i wish that you could choose between maps since a ton of people prefer the old map too. It’s not really fair that they had the same map for so long and just completely removed it, what about the people who also put money in this game and they just remove one of the biggest things of the game? I completed both battlepasses but i’m not buying this one. I’m definitely not the only one who dislikes the map but I thought let me just leave my opinion here, i would love to hear yours!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dhi45v/i_miss_kings_canyon_so_much_that_i_stopped/

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