I need help on my OC (if you can)

So my OC has his whole name, background, and other stuff but I only need help with one thing, the abilities also I’m gonna put everything I got on him so far below this so please and thank you

There’s some stuff in it that doesn’t really relate to the question but I’m just copying off of a template I’m filling in (it’s an OC submission template so no I didn’t steal any of the ideas from someone)

Legend name: Killshot

Real Name: Kumar Grant

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Accent: American

Home planet: Victor, which is located in the Yuma System

Tactical ability:

Passive: Lucky Dog (5% chance to deflect an incoming bullet)

Ultimate ability:

Personality: Nice, likes to keep to himself, has his social moments but not many, doesn’t fight (except inside the games) unless provoked but even then it’ll take quite a bit to provoke him

Bio: Kumar was a fugitive who had several bounties on him but after 6 years of being forced into hiding Kumar is going down an alleyway going back to his prison of a home but instead see’s an ad promoting the Apex Games and after making arrangements he joined the games, no background, no questions, why did they let him in? All we know is he’s ready to be a legend

Extra info, he’s basically just the Outlands John Wick

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/i8640s/i_need_help_on_my_oc_if_you_can/

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