I really tried to be positive about the meta changes by becoming less aggressive and more tactical in how I approach squads but I gotta say it: Triple Take Buff, Devotion w Turbo on ground, Knockdown Shield bugged and doesn’t protect, less shields = Apex is not as fun as it used to be.

I love Apex, it's absolutely my favorite game and I appreciate all the work the devs are putting in. But while some decisions are awesome, some just don't make sense to me.

The triple take was already a very powerful weapon all around. You increase fire rate and integrate choke in one go when just a few seasons back everyone was going crazy how the scout was very powerful.

I wont talk about devotion because they already admitted that was a bad decision by saying they will nerf it. However it baffles how in one season they say its the most powerful weapon we have to remove it and now they bring it back. No one felt it would be bad for the game?

The knockdown shield is bugged and most of the time you get shot through it. So not only do you get knocked down quicker now, you basically have no chance in crawling away and hiding.

25hp doesn't seem like much but when you've spent 5 season balancing weapon damage on X amount of health, 25hp does all the difference. The Mastiff, the Triple Take, the Hemlock and the Devotion are currently ridiculous.

If I wanted to die instantly with no chance of maneuvering I would go play COD not Apex. This change has negatively affected my Apex experience and I wanted to share this with the community and the devs.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ililgc/i_really_tried_to_be_positive_about_the_meta/

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