I returned for Loba stayed for the improvements

Hello other apex fans, I haven’t played this game since crypto’s release. During that time I barely even played the game. I don’t know what the community thinks of the game rn but I really enjoy the current state of apex verses what I played back then.

First things first, I did enjoy apex back when I played. I just didn’t keep playing because I had other games to play and didn’t feel like really grinding apex because it can be a pretty hard game if don’t play for a while.

Why did I come back???
I’ll be straight up honest, Loba.

I didn’t look at Loba or anything she did. I just saw her loved her character design (thiccc AF and probably one of the best looking characters I have seen in a while). Then I realize “wow Loba is actually pretty decent” she has that teleportation bracelet and I love it. I played a lot of overwatch and a character named Sombra does the same thing Loba does with the bracelet so that makes me like her more.

Then as I was playing I saw the major improvements they did to the game. I like that both Kong’s canyon and worlds end are on a rotation. I love how they decdided to change the peacekeeper to a legendary weapon. I love how snipers have their own ammo, and I love the new weapons they put in the sentinel and that Lstar. I think the biggest change that I love coming back is the shooting range. I love how they have all the weapons attachments and shit that goes on the gun are all there for me to test. (Give whoever put all them into a nice line and categorized by rarity a raise)

But yea it looks like this game finally has come to a decent spot for a filthy casual like me. Has enough characters to grind for, I like the balance changes they made from when I played last and overall it’s just a great experience. I love duos but now we need a permanent solo mode and two playlists for Kings canyon and worlds end. I think there is enough players (quote me if I’m wrong) to make two separate playlists for maps.

Veteran players of this game what are your thoughts about this season? Are my reactions to the current state of the game good for a filthy casual?

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