I suck, so give me the Bot Lobbies!

Sooooo I’m not great at this game but I love playing it. I was a Titanfall fan from go and just carried over to apex when I found respawn was working on a battle Royale. Unfortunately I sucked at the beginning and continued to suck to this day. I played on and off for the whole time but not clocking too many hours. Now I’m around a level 100 and I keep getting paired with 100s and 200s and 300s who completely outclass me.

I know a lot has been said about skill based matchmaking, but your level isn’t just an indicator of skill… it’s a combination of skill and playtime. In my case it makes me look better than I am! I wish I could have stopped at 50 or something but I keep leveling up while maintaining a KDR of 0.8 or 0.7.

Finally, I just opened a new origin account with an alternate email and I can actually play again… I’m now getting paired more with novice players (hence the bot lobbies) I have a KDR of around 1.8 across 30 or so matches which is nothing to brag about but it’s made the game fun again. Yes, I’m teamed up with new players who drop at the wrong time, loot my box before respawning me, and don’t know how to revive when playing Lifeline, but over all it’s better than playing with sweaty Wraith streamers and ultra competitive teammates that sling toxic insults when I drop the ball.

So what am I missing? I’d rather play my main account because I have a bunch of skins and unlocked characters. Shouldn’t players like me be able to play this way without starting a second Apex account? I feel like my main account is doomed at this point because the game is so damn hard.

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