I think I have become bored

This isn't a rant about the game, because it's the only game I have ever played over 1000+ hours of. However, hear me out. my problems

– The Map. Sure, it's grown on me, but most of the time you will land somewhere, engage one squad, then a few minutes after there will be like 6-7 squads left. The game's are soooo slow. I never felt this way on kings canyon at all, I never once become bored on KC

– The charge rifle. You will be fighting a team in close quarters, and a random third party will be shooting you from 900 metres away with it. It doesn't need a nerf, imo, it needs fucking vaulting

– The peacekeeper. absolute draining to run into a house and get one shotted by it, and no time to disengage, of course its a small problem, but imo its too strong. I got one shotted yday by it, and the guy could not control recoil on an r99, far superior player

– Lack of solo's. I did not appreciate solo's when it was out, but now I yearn for it. matchmaking is non existent. I have friends to play with, BUT, they are not on as much as me. queuing with randoms is shitty, not because they are bad, but because a lot of times the game puts two < level 10's on my players. The champion squad have like 90,000 kills each in 4 games. How that is fair and balanced is beyond me. not fun

anyone agree or disagree with me? I would like to hear peoples thoughts. I don't have the same excitement to load up the game anymore and its a damn shame

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