I think it’s for the betterment of the Apex Legends that the shield LTM event and Season 5 is Delayed.

Apex has been a part of my daily life ever since season zero. I enjoy playing it no matter what… From the day that NO ONE mained Gibby, to this day that I win games with Gibby ults (I'll take the downvotes now), it has been a wonderful game, an unexpectedly nice community, and an unbelievably AMAZING dev team. Hiccups happen, especially now that, you know… Points at the world burning down

I do NOT understand how hard it is to create a game like this, but I'm sure it's rough. Now more than ever. Considering the fact that crunch culture has become such a staple in the gaming community, I don't expect the devs to be a part of it. A happy dev is an awesome dev. I'm okay with a delay, knowing that they will do their best to deliver an LTM and a season that will be better than the ones before.

I hope that everyone at respawn stays safe, and we should show support for a game and artwork (and that sweet, sweet lore) that keeps all of us entertained during these confusing times.

Thank you, Apex team!

(And all y'all nasty wraith-maining TTV players, we still love you, kinda)

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