I was placed on a short-handed team 10 games in a row

Hello all. Just finished uninstalling the game out of sheer frustration. I like this game a lot, have played it pretty regularly since February 2019, but I honestly couldn't take it anymore today. Not sure why this has been such a big issue in season 5 and 6, but the amount of times I start a game on a team of 2 in trios or 1 in duos has been maddeningly high. Today that reached a crescendo when I (I was solo queuing, none of my friends play Apex anymore) started 10 games IN A ROW (across Duos, trios, AND ranked) without a full team. Does this make winning impossible? No, I've had a miracle win here and there, but it's certainly a handicap that is brought on the player for no reason at all, it makes it so not fun for me I genuinely would rather stop playing

Anyways, I know this is just one disappointed person screaming into the void, this post is mainly for catharsis anyways. But if by some divine act a Respawn dev sees this I have a suggestion:

Stop letting short-handed teams play. It's not fun.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ifdqh6/i_was_placed_on_a_shorthanded_team_10_games_in_a/

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