I would love to see an exclusive legendary skin unlocked through a very difficult series of challenges.

Event skins are super cool, the BP skins last season were pretty dope and it looks like this season’s skins will be as well. The only issue I have is anyone can have them whether it be through normal progression for the BP or just spending the money.

Currently I use airship assassin on wraith because it’s so rare. I get comments from random teammates all the time some of them even thinking it’s a leaked skin because not only did you have to be playing basically since launch, you had to have the ability to even get it by having void specialist which most people hadn’t gotten from free packs that early or had the legend tokens available to buy it. I’ve only seen a handful in all my time playing and when I do see one, I know they’re probably going to be a sweat.

With the recent video for S3 they show wraith in the airship assassin skin and it has again stirred up all those who never got the chance to get it and if it does come back, it’s another common skin imo. Yes it looks cool but you’re going to see it everywhere and there is no individuality to it anymore.

I’d love to see a legendary skin that can be used across all legends, same basic design but each legend has their own variant for their model and style and the only way to obtain it is through extremely demanding kill/damage/win challenges.

The challenges must be completed in order within a time limit starting from the completion of the first challenge and losing all progress if all of them aren’t completed within that time.

Idk what the structure would be, how many challenges, what specifically a player would have to do. But it would be so sick to be able to have something in the game that only the most dedicated players can have. Would be really cool to add it to an event or something. Let me know what you think would be the most difficult way to earn a skin.

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