Idea for Charge Rifle

It’s obvious that the gun is in a weird state of being powerful with noobs but overall out of the meta. What would people think of making it a crate weapon and buffing it a bit since it’s barely a sniper right now only being able to take sniper stocks and not even able to take sniper mag, so it already has a base ammo clip like crate weapons. They could even have it take special energy ammo since the devotion and l star aren’t in care package anymore there’s no special energy guns in play. I know there’s never been four crate weapons in the game but I don’t think four weapons is too big of a deal and it’ll give respawn an opportunity to introduce a new weapon next season without too heavily diluting the loot pool. Obviously if it goes in the crate it should be buffed so just increase fall off distance and other baseless buffs and stick that thing in the package and we’re golden. Just a thought but let me know what you guys think


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