Idea for extra ranked points! Arguments welcome!

I just wanna inform that as of now I am currently PLAT 3! Nothing to brag about, just a pointer. I usually solo queue since none of my friends play consistent and that makes it harder in a team based game.

  • How about just adding 1 point per 100dmg dealt up to 5 points / your buy in. Then 1 point per 250extra or something for max 5 points more?
  • As of now, in all honesty. Ranking up feels good, like a grind for rank should feel.It rewards good players! However, if I do everything for my team, but they get the last bullet hit, I dont really get anything out of it…!
  • I really think you should be able to get more points, considering how much you lose as a "buy in" and i know it should be a risk to play ranked and that you get massive points for winning. But you can't win them all.
  • The main point is, I want points for helping my team, not onnly for being able to one hit a guy my teammate has shredded. Heck, even just a feature added from plat and above.

This "forces" people to be more active in fights and not just sit back and pick off targets after a fight. On the other hand it should make people way more aggressive which is neither good nor bad in rankeds current state. I see both sides of this feature.Run discussions, sorry if it was brought up beforehand! Just wanted to hear your thoughts.


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