Idea for Heirloom Challenges

Not sure if anyone else has thought of this or not but I have this little idea I made up to share.

So you guys know how certain skins give you different intro animations right? What if for heirlooms you got an "Heirloom Badge" and "Heirloom Character Intro" but that was a thing only for people who have specific heirlooms and you can only get these by doing "Heirloom Challenges."

The challenges will be quite hard as I imagine the art for the badges will be great and the specific character intro animations will look dope.

Here's my idea for the "Heirloom Challenges."

So, to get the Heirloom badge for your specific heirloom you have to deal 20000 damage with your heirloom melee ONLY and to get the Heirloom Character Intro animation you have to get 5 Heirloom kills in a different match 5 times.

If you do happen to share this idea please credit this post as I might have more in-depth ideas about this.

Thanks for reading!

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