Idea for hop-up

I was thinking over apex legends instead of doing productive things, and had an idea.

Allow me to introduce you to… the Piercer Hop-Up

This hop-up is meant to go on a single-fire weapon, with a high damage count, like a sniper or wingman. It redistributes the damage between health and shields(S/H), depending on the weapon. (Following numbers not adjusted for limb hits, headshots, hit box perks, etc.)A longbow would get a 22.5/22.5 even split. The triple take would get a 44/22 split. Sentinel gets 49/21, and the wingman gets it 30/15. Charge rifle will not take it because it’s more complicated than one projectile; the G7 doesn’t do enough damage on a single bullet.

The bullets travel slightly faster, but the sniper/wingman suffers from increased recoil, revealing muzzle flash, and exaggerated bullet drop.

Just wanted to see how the community feels.


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