Ideas for character buffs

Caustic: His passive is bundled with his tactical ability plus his teammates sharing his nox vision, the nox gas has a higher slow, but slightly damage rate for enemies, probably around +15% slowness and 5 dps, but it also does not slow teammates. His passive ability becomes

“Sociopathic joy” where he heals 60% of the damage from his gas and ultimate that enemies take. Exactly 3 health per second, so the more damage you do the more he heals.

Crypto: He takes no damage or slowness from his drones EMP, neurolink is also bundled with his drone, his passive becomes a mix of Bangalore’s passive and Mirages ultimate, where if he gets shot at he goes invisible for 4 seconds.

Lifeline: Her drone has a circle around it showing the area of effect, the area of effect buffs all heals to heal at the same speed as lifelines passive, and syringes and shield cells heal twice as much in the area. Before bringing down the ultimate a small menu shows up where you can choose what is in it, the randomness is not very helpful most of the time and it makes it easier to get what your team needs in the moment.

Mirage: His passive is currently not great, instead he should have a better escape route on death, so now he has a passive similar to revenants ultimate, where the first time he takes enough damage to go down, he puts down a decoy that acts as being down where he escapes on 1HP invisible and with a speed buff for 10 seconds, which should be plenty of time to escape

His ultimate should be much more confusing, instead an ultimate like one of the dummy ultimates where a circle appears near mirage with him in it, and all the decoys follow what mirage does.

Octane: He instead heals 6 hp per second and can climb slightly higher than revenant as his passive. His tactical makes him go 45% faster instead of 30. His ultimate is still a jump pad, but when you or any of your teammates land you get a 30% speed boost for 15 seconds and can double jump during that time for ultimate mobility, which is what octane should be about.

Revenant: His climbing should be unlimited, if you can get to the top of it revenant should be able to get up there through climbing, much like his cinematic trailer shows he can climb skyscrapers. His tactical ability is fine as it is in my opinion, maybe a slightly higher radius of effect, but his ultimate can definitely be improved, he and his teammates should have gray armor on as a shadow, the radius should be much much higher, and when you get back from being killed as a shadow you should have as much health as you had before the ultimate was activated.

Side buffs: Wraith portals and pathfinder ziplines should be remotely cancelable at any time.

If you think the people I didn’t mention should be buffed or if you disagree with my buff ideas, let me know. I’d love to see community feedback on this.


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