Ideas to mitigate the “everyone has Red armor problem”

With the armor revert, devs expressed their worry that too many people are getting Red armor and too early. So here are some ideas I had on how to mitigate the issue:

  • Decrease ground spawn rates of purple armor. (Special cases like Trials and the vaults can remain, since they have inherent risks)

  • Reset damage required for evo when picking enemy armors, e.g. picking a Purple from an enemy deathbox will reset damage required for Red back to 500 (the same check that is used to indicate whether the armor you pick from a deathbox should be full health or not could be used here).

  • And like the dev's mentioned increasing damage required for Purple to Red evo.

What do you guy think? Have you felt there are too many Red shields? or do you think people are achieving it too early? What other solutions would you consider?


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