If The Next Legend is a Defense Legend, I will main him/her. Hear me out!

Gibby is ofc, more defensive character than any other legends and probably one of the best out of the 3. (counting caustic as one) but For me I feel like he's not.

For Caustic, Defense, Yes but more towards camping and offensive attacks, Not into offense when being huge.

and Lastly for Wattson, Amazing defense very fenc-y but again, Camping and I'm not a fan of it. but I love Wattson, Cute Legend but the others are okay.

But What if The Next one is gonna be a Defense Legend with the Fortified and a Mobility like Pathfinder's grapple, Loba's Bracelet??

We haven't had any Defense legend with fortified while also having a mobility, and have his Ultimate to be More towards defense like Extra 150 Armor Shield and his ability is Jump double the height and grab on to a wall twice (since you can only do once) for 15 secs and have a 25s cooldown, Passive could make him recover the animation after falling from a high place.

That's what i think would be a good idea. Thoughts?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hx7irw/if_the_next_legend_is_a_defense_legend_i_will/

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