I’m finding it really hard to find normal players on this game who aren’t elitists or kids or can they can’t speak English

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I only ever played this game solo since it came out. I took a break from it but I’ve been playing a lot since season 2 and 3. Just reached level 100 (I quit at around level 35) and now I would just like some players to chill with. I’m 35 so I don’t like playing with kids so just playing with randoms is best chance I’ve got at finding some mates but my god I haven’t found one single person. Here’s what I seem to get every single time.

Person #1 – Trying to go in Leroy Jenkins style no matter what and complains when he goes down pinging like its real life then calling his team mates crap. Probably high ranked.

Person #2 – Young kid who shouts, screams or just whines like a kid.

Person #3 – is helping out. Pinging stuff. Seems alright but can’t speak a word of English. I’m from UK so I know there’s gonna be a chance I get matched with someone from another European country who can’t speak English.

Person #4 – 16-21 year old who speaks like they’ve just come from an audition to be a gangster on eastenders and constantly breathes weed/smoke down the mic.

If the game was cross play I would probably have a better shot finding someone but I play on Xbox and it just seems to be there types of players literally all the time and I play a lot lately. I’m not great but I love the game.

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