I’m getting tired of the quitters

I mostly play solo. I feel like at least half the time, one or both of my random teammates leaves early. Sometimes because they get downed in an early fight. Sometimes because they dont like where the jumpmaster is taking us. And sometimes, for absolutely no reason at all. Its incredibly infuriating. It ruins the game experience for someone like me who has to frequently 2v3 or 1v3 other squads. I know it's possible, but I'm not a God tier player. I can win my 1v1s, but very rarely can win when I'm outnumbered.

Can we implement some sort of system that punishes players for leaving early? Like a 5-15 minute timeout for people who do this to their teammates frequently? There has to be something that incentivizes players to stay. Maybe if you do it twice in a half hour time frame or something like that? Something reasonable. I understand that life happens and sometimes you have to quit. But based on the frequency at which I see this, I very much doubt that it's an emergency most times.

Am I the only one who is getting tired of this?

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