Interesting nerf idea for the devotion

I think just the general design of the devotion is what really makes it a strong gun. Reducing the damage from 17 to 16 and adding some recoil did slightly help but I don’t think it helped enough. In general the gun is very low skill to use and that is a huge problem with a game like apex where there should not be any “easy” way to play the game. Everything needs to be pretty balanced. You can easily knock 2 to 3 people with the devo by just holding your finger on the trigger and taking advantage of the ramped up fire rate because that’s when the gun is strongest. The change I would like to see implemented is instead of the gun having a flat out damage such as 16. The gun should have 2 damage drop offs as fire rate increases. When the gun first starts firing and it’s at its slowest it should begin at 16 damage per bullet. Then as fire rate begins to increase to about half its potential it should do 14 damage per bullet. Then when it is at its absolute maximum potential it should do 12 damage per bullet. This this will still make it a strong gun because the sheer fire rate and ammo capacity make it a team wiping machine. But it won’t just encourage players to spray and pray all the time and rely on the massive magazine size to effortlessly wipe squads in one mag. Of course these damage numbers may not be perfect as I don’t know the ttk on these statistics this is just an example of something respawn could do to the gun to make it more balanced. I still think it would be a great LMG in the game but we won’t see literally every player with one. Let me know what you guys think about this idea. I don’t think it would be too hard to implement either.


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