Is Apex frustrating anyone

I took a break a week ago for about 3 days because I was getting worn out so much, and today brought back that same burn again. Over and over just dying to squads with 20 bombs and 4k badges while I don't have a 2k or even 10 kills. The same repeated process of dying again and again, with no chance to change. Normally you can see what's wrong, but it just feels these people are so damn good there's no way to win. My k/d went from 0.97 to 0.94 because I had 7 kills today in 20 games, while yesterday I had almost 40 kills for 25 games. There's just no chance for players like me to get better because even if we do, we can't beat predators in a fight. I've tried changing loadouts and everything but the matchmaking just won't give us a chance. The worst part is I got almost 450 damage per game today, but not a single kill most times. Respawn needs to fix matchmaking because if I play pubs, it should be a casual experience, not another ranked game. It just feels so hopeless, and it has pushed me to take another break from this game until the always be closing evolved event. Let me know if I'm just an idiot or if you guys think the same thing


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