Is it just me???…

Or does it seem like randoms have gotten worse with the new season. Never had problems with randoms until now. Yea some teams suck but it's never been this bad with people not working together,not helping others out. Like if I say I need energy amo and a teammate pings it and then you scoop it up. And i keep saying i need it and then in a fight you get mad i didn't shoot anyone. It's because i didn't have amo… same with shields or health. Or just reviving people. Also I've been doing an average of 1300 damage per round (which isn't the best I know) but each teammate has like 80 per round every match. Just crazy to me how bad it seems everyone's been playing. Lastly, it seems like my teammates are always going super far from each other. I get some distance but if you're across the way and fighting how do you expect me to help or vice versa? Sorry for the rant. Anyone else feel this way?


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