Is it me or is Wraith’s passive insanely inconsistent?

I have something like 4000+ games on Wraith. I used to find her passive incredibly useful when it would warn me of nearby enemies or traps but nowadays it seems unreliable and occasionally just straight-up broken.

The only thing that seems to always work is the warning regarding Caustic traps.

Most of the time I will take like 50+ damage from an unseen enemy and my passive will excitedly shout "They're aiming at you!" Yeah, no shit. Thanks passive.

Yesterday I died to an Octane crouched in a bush beside a rock as I ran by. He just popped out and PK'd me to the back for 110 before I knew he existed. Why didn't I get warned that an enemy was looking at me?

It seems like the warnings either don't play or are delayed to the point of being useless but I swear back in Season 1 this wasn't the case. I would regularly get warnings and be able to react in time. There are a few possibilities here – players are getting better and so the time between ADS'ing and shooting is much smaller now so shots are already on their way when the passive triggers, or perhaps they did a ninja-nerf to Wraith by adding a delay to her passive warnings, or maybe it's a network bug of some kind where the firing and passive trigger are set off simultaneously due to packet loss (kinda like when you take multiple bullets' worth of damage instantly).

Dunno what it is, but it definitely feels weird this season. Does anybody else agree?


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