Is it ok to quit on toxic people?

Playing today*

Both my team mates got downed and I was really low so I phased and hit the roof and healed (all while one guy was shouting “where are you come get us” his friend was trying to tell him I was low)

Now back at maxed health I heard the lifeline reviving her mate so I went in and that was it.

Collected the banners took a shield off my friends box and some ammo as it was the nearest box and I had a long way to go to hit the rez, then both of them turned there nice back on or came out of party chat or whatever and were like (dude your trash your looting my box, your the biggest garbage) even after reviving them and returning the shield they kept on talking so I just dropped everything made sure they were set (shield up, no enemies around) then I let them know I was leaving and left.

Glad I did when on to have a great next match with a win.

Cleared the 2nd to last squad and the gibby ran in and snatched up the purple shield and backpack and then realized I had blue and offered to drop it. I didn’t take it as he didn’t take it to win for him self, I mean it’s benefiting the team so it’s perfectly fine.

long story short try your best to avoid all the negativity, even if you win with toxic people it’s still not a good feeling.

I hope you all have a exciting, fun and positive season 3.

might be grammatical errors I do apologize


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