Is there an RPG/Open World with movement like Apex Legends??

So I've been wondering this question to no avail, I've gotten dying light which is great but I was hoping for something more along the lines with the smooth movement style of apex and the freedom of going around the map but with no BR.

I was playing apex whilst very high and was just kind of immersed in the map and movement style. It made me wonder if there was an RPG game with story elements with an open world that you could traverse but with a movement style like apex?

I know there's open worlds with different methods of transportation but I was thinking about something more so containing the fluidity and speed of apex's movement but utilized in an rpg/open world game. Like a fallout or skyrim-esque game with movement like that. Is there such thing?

TLDR; Looking for an rpg or survival game with a semi open world or open world that you can traverse like apex.


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