Isn’t it kind of awful that Lifeline types with her accent?

At the end of the story, in the epilogue, Lifeline and Octane have a conversation through a "chat room." Octane types in a characteristic way, barely including punctuation and abbreviating where possible. He either capitalizes entire words or nothing, and all in all it makes sense with his character.

Cool! So then how does Lifeline type?


" It's a chat room, Silva. Yuh can just type. "

"What do yuh want? I'm still mad, in case yuh care to know"

Lifeline's only defining characteristic is that she types her own accent in the computer. Where Octane has his personality, Lifeline has an accent. She abbreviates though to tho once, and other than the occasional line without a period at the end, she types in sentences that would make an English teacher proud.

Am I being ridiculous? Do people actually type out "yuh" instead of "you" or just "ya?" Or is it really that Lifeline's main identifying character trait is her accent, something that she just has as a function of where she lived?


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