It’s a BR, placement matters! But camping isn’t fun!! – Proposal for Ranked RP Changes

Current Ranked RP Problems (I know it's a BR, but Apex got BIG because it was fast-paced & action packed):

  • Promotes heavy camping/hiding for placement points, slows game way down, "being tactical" is boring
  • Not fun to play
  • Feels more like a grind rather than an action FPS game
  • Promotes only 3 skill levels
    • Below Average: Bronze/Silver/Gold
    • Average: Plat
    • Above Average: Diamond/Apex Predator

Proposed Ranked RP Solution:

  • Change Individual Kills for RP to Squad Kills for RP – this will improve team fights and team play with sense of team accomplishment and reward.
  • Remove Kill RP cap limit – kills and fights make this game FUN! This will promote more fights.
  • Add RP for Damage WITH a cap limit – this promotes more gun fighting (FUN!) – albeit probably more sniping but some gun shots are better than no gun shots. Here's a rough breakdown for what I think the RP breakdown should be:
    • 3 RP for 1k DMG
    • 6 RP for 2k DMG
    • Cap at 2k DMG to prevent constant sniper wars
  • Reduce RP gained for placements
    • Top 10: 1 RP
    • Top 5: 2 RP
    • Top 3: 5 RP
    • Champion: 10 RP

By implementing the above solution, it's still a BR (placement matters) but it promotes more gun battles and fast-paced action rather than camping for RP (game goes back to being FUN with fast-paced action)! Hot drops won't be an issue either because damage RP is set relatively high at 1k and kills are still only 1RP so the risk-reward is still favoring dropping safe rather than hot drop.

BTW, I don't think this matters, but I'm currently Diamond and thought it was a boring grind to get here:


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