It’s been a bit now. What are your impressions on Season 2?

I posted this a few days after the patch came out. It'll be interesting to see how people's answers evolved.

  • What is your impression on Watson? Do you think she is a viable counter to grenade-spam? Does her tactical and ult give her enough power to counter-act the setup time and stationary nature?

  • Is the L-Star viable, or do you leave it in the box? Is the higher DPS at point-blank good enough to counter-act the very short range, limited effective mag size, long reloads, and ADS speed compared to the R-99 or Prowler?

  • Since the Mozambique and P2020 were already bad weapons, do you feel like the Hammerpoint Rounds is a balanced upgrade? Have you found yourself running them as a switchable side weapon?

  • What are your opinions about the Alternator and RE-45? Do you feel like the meta change to the Alternator feels better than the previous R-99/Prowler/Wingman meta? Do you think Disruptor Rounds still need a nerf? If so, what do you suggest the new damage bonus to be?

  • With the Flatline having the same DPS as the R-301 now, do you find it a viable weapon? Does the stability of the R-301 counteract the larger mag capacity and better hip fire of the Flatline?

  • Did the Fortified buff to Caustic and Gibraltar finally make them viable, or at least not bottom tier? If so ,who now replaces them as the bottom tier legends?

  • How is ranked mode? Do you think there could be any changes to make it more interesting?

  • What are your favorite new zones? Your least favorite? Any zones that you think should be changed next?

  • What is your current preferred loadout?

  • What is your opinion on each of the grenades?

  • Who, in your opinion, is currently the tier 1 legends?

  • Any further comments about questions not asked?


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