It’s impossible to win

I'll keep this short because I need to log off Reddit and this is a 2 part discussion. So it's impossible to win; both games and in general, discussions on apex related things.

Firstly, Respawn can't seemingly 'win' at anything. No matter what they do, the community and playerbase find find something to complain about. I'm a nutshell; seemingly a majority of the playerbase are entitled, pompous kids who just insult the devs and then demand they listen to them and add/remove features. Everything takes time and needs to get approved, go through meetings, get playtested, etc. the new mode – Live. Die. Live. – is an interesting concept but isn't fun; it's literally Live. Die. Leave. Tons of kids are rage quitting. Lots of complaints about loot pack prices, cosmetic skins, sbmm (which needs tweaking), ranked, solos, etc. whatever they do, ungrateful people will still complain.

Secondly, it's pretty much impossible to win a game in live die live (or any other game type); I reiterate, all those kids trying to 1v3 teams are quitting the second they get knocked. It defeats the purpose of the mode. I think most people need to cool their jets and relax and show some appreciation-the game imploded and Respawn were overwhelmed by 70+ million players and with trying to experiment and keep things fresh/exciting.

If you don't like getting knocked, having to wait x seconds to be revived/respawned then apex clearly isn't for you. The studio is literally called respawn yet barely anyone gets respawned (from my experience) since all those kids just rage quit because…reasons.


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