It’s not even fun anymore

Today when playing some games, I realised that I actually wasn't playing apex for fun, I was just playing the game so I don't forget it. Why season 6 is actually bad?
I don't think the start point was bad, but it was probably too rushed, faster TTK could be a good thing, if they weren't making every gun easier to use, and with even more damage. Also, the moment they made TTK faster, game become a lot harder for me, but it didn't took me so long to understand, it's because I'm living in Turkey, I have stable 20mbps internet, I can play most of the games with 20-40 ms, but when it comes to apex my average ping is 100-150, which is actually pretty bad for a game. And with faster TTK those 100-150 ms are actually so viable that, they are making me a way easier target. I actually grinded to diamond in past seasons, but I feel like I'm going to main other games that care more about their community and players.


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