I’ve not played this game in over a year and forgot how toxic Apex’s playerbase is.

I started playing Apex with my friend when it first came out in early 2019, I really enjoyed the game but we stopped playing after a few months (I can't remember why). I've just started playing the game again because I felt like giving it another go and oh boy the people that play this game are the biggest bunch of neckbead-esque children I've encountered. It'd be unfair to call everyone the same thing, some of the players are really nice but the one's I'm talking about just ruin the game and need to find something else to do.

I've been playing again for 3 days now and in this short time I've had some incidents that go as follows:

I decided to play duo's since that was new to me. My first (and last) duo's match paired me with someone who didn't say a single word but decided to start flaming me in text chat the moment he died. He died because we were being pincered by two squads so I started to retreat in hopes that the other squads would battle it out. I pinged to tell him I was moving but he insisted on staying and as I've said; he died. Started calling me the usual homophobic and racist slurs in chat until he finally left.

Okay so, back to trios. Start a match with some people, all seems okay until one of my teammates beat the other to a purple bodyshield – bearing in mind we all had blue shields so the 1 extra shield bar didn't really matter – but all havoc ensued after the teammate who didn't get the sheild kicked off claiming it was his because he pinged it first. He promptly says in voice chat 'goodbye' and rather than leaving starts chasing us around unloading his weapon to give away our location. All over an extra bar of armour.

Finally, this just happened, and prompted me to come and post this. I started another trios match, I was second to choose and picked Mirage, the person choosing third didn't have his marker on Mirage when I chose him but the moment I did he started spamming the chat with 'no'. I said it was my bad, I guess I missed his marker but rather than picking another player he decided as jump leader to send me through the giant laser in worlds end and killed me. Even after I said sorry he still killed me and said 'stfu'. This was by far the most inbred moment I've experienced since I've come back.

On top of all of this we have well over 20 minor instances of people leaving before the match has even started and even more when people have died and because we don't immediately revive them or collect their banner they flood the chat with insults.

I just have one question to those of you who do the things above, why are you inbred?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/j5stzz/ive_not_played_this_game_in_over_a_year_and/

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