Just a rant. Thank you

I love apex. It’s a real great game.

But it’d honestly be a lot more fun if I could actually find a squad I vibe with.

I’ve tried moot and the “LFG” on Xbox .
But most of the kids are either boosting apex predators that are so good they have to play in bronze rank , or they’re cocky as shit and expect everyone to kiss their ass because they’re a high rank. Sorry bud, it’s just a game, your rank isn’t shit in the real world and shut up with the whole “break off me bro” , I’m drinking a soda ok, I’m not gonna steal your fucking shit loot , you can keep that Mozambique .

I’ve actually had a teammate get mad at me for taking a gun out of a supply crate at the start of a match just to have him steal purple armor from one of my kills .


Oh I almost forgot to mention the amount of people that expect you to carry them to victory all the time, I can’t even count the times I’ve been the only one on the team getting kills , we lose and one of my teammates just randomly leaves, it’s a game man, I wanna have fun, laugh and make some memories, who cares if you suck and got no kills.
You’re not gonna do any better with the next people and they are more then likely to kick you because you suck so I don’t even know why you bother leaving a team that you can actually enjoy playing with.
I hate having to worry about a teammate leaving everytime he gets down .

I’m also a YouTuber so I try to play with people that actually conversate so the video isn’t as boring but unfortunately most people I play with are using a mic they made themselves by splicing a aux cord to a Bluetooth speaker mic .. /s

Or how about when all your teammates get downed , so you put on your big boy pants and bust out a 1v3 , just to look up and see

Trashcan has left the game

Ultimate trash bag 69 has left the game

What about when you pull of a 1v3 , res one of your teammates , go to res the other one , just to have the one you first revived , steal your golden shield.

I hate it , what do you guys hate about apex ?

Just had to rant

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