Just had my best game so far.

I've been playing since like 2 weeks after launch. I consider myself to be a decent player with regards to things like looting speed, movement outside of combat, being a team player and sharing loot and doing my best to assist my teammates in a fight. My biggest flaws are not being conscious of standing in the open during fights and my aim is generally trash.
Due to this, until recently my highest damage game has been stuck at 981. The team I usually play with gets 1k damage with ease and frequently post 2k plus so i am constantly reminded just by the stats that I'm the worst player on the team.
Just played a game with 2 randos and due to a perfect storm of good loot, great circle positioning, and my aim actually being on point for once, I finally posted a 1449 damage game.
I'm extra hype. I know this is far from a great achievement on this sub, but it was a major victory for me.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dnzfn9/just_had_my_best_game_so_far/

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