King’s Canyon is garbage and this is coming from an “OG” as they call it.

  1. KC has terrible loot distribution.

  2. I’m not sure if this is a problem others have but I have way more lag on KC than WE. Like 10 fold. My ping is 30-36, PL at 0-2% consistently and the differences in lag between maps is substantial. Getting shot through doors, around corners, etc is far more frequent on KC. Footstep audio, if you can believe it, is worse on KC. I also have a problem with no reg on KC far more than on WE. I don’t know what may be causing this other than perhaps the code for KC is more corrupted in comparison to WE.

2a. Everyone rubber bands. My random teammates, my opponents. I run in to people glitching all over the place on both maps but with much more frequency on KC. This I blame partly on SBMM and partly on poor server quality in other parts of the world because there is no way you can tell me that in West Coast USA there isn’t somebody on the same server as me to play with.

  1. Third partying is just too easy. It’s easy for me to do, it’s easy for others to do, it’s a part of the game and I get that but it’s just too damn easy. Can’t even loot after a fight pretty much at all even if you win the 3rd party a 4th is right behind it and a 5th and so on.


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