Lately, playing this game has been really frustrating for me, particularly due to teammates. Any advice on making my situation better? Or should I just quit?

I've played this game since launch, but now it's mostly frustrating to play. The key to my problem is that you need to work with your teammates if you want to get kills or win, but I never seem to be on the same page as my teammates. For instance, my teammates will want to hot drop or push, but I don't. Or my teammates want to loot more instead of moving inside the ring.

I've tried to be a better communicator and use pings and my mic, but people don't seem to respond or care.

A lot of times I just go with what the majority of my team wants to do, but my intuition is generally pretty good, so if I think we made the wrong decision and are all going to die, that's usually what happens. Dying when we didn't have to is frustrating.

I've also tried making friends online, but it's hard to find people I have chemistry with who are online at all the same weird times as me.

So is that it? There's no way for me to have fun playing this game? It's a little heartbreaking that there's this really cool game out there that brought me a lot of joy in the past, but I straight up can't enjoy it now.


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