Leaving games early.

Do you really care if someone leaves a game early? Be honest with yourself, do you think the end result of the game would have changed significantly or at all had they watched you play instead of just continuing their enjoyment of the game by simply queuing into another match. If you don’t want people to quit, why do you not just play with friends? Do you just want to see people punished because your a sore loser? Are you taking into account your enemies are also being punished for quitting, offsetting any advantage you think your getting by this penalty. Having less quitters may change the flow of a game, but it’s only detrimental to teams of 3 who don’t quit anyway, as there will be less respawn beacons for them to use. This penalty is pointless and does nothing but promote toxicity from bad players who think they are losing because their teammate goes down and quits immediately, which isn’t even the case every time. Why do you think your teammate died? I’d be willing to bet a good majority of the time there was no communication between you and them. Having a penalty in a game like this, which essentially forces you to not play with a small chance of getting back in to a botched game, is bad.

Sound off if you want this to be removed.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/djuq7w/leaving_games_early/

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