Legend Buff/Rework Concepts: Octane, Revenant, Lifeline, Caustic, Pathfinder

Hi Guys, I decided to think of some buffs for some characters in my spare time. Here they are:

TACTICAL: Stim. Get a 45-50% speed boost. Lasts for 6 seconds and takes 3 seconds to charge.
ULT CONCEPT 1: Launch pad. Deploys a launchpad pad which allows him to go 2/3 of the height you go on a jump tower, also allowing the user to skydive again.
ULT CONCEPT 2: Octane’s Grenada Graveyard. Deploys a device from which a player can take up to 5 throwables of their choice.

Side-Note: I felt that wasn’t as assassin-like most people would want him to be. His abilities are trash. He can only really silence kids, and trust me, it is hard to land an orb on someone.
TACTICAL: Marked for death. You carry two throwing knives. Each knife inflicts 25-50 damage (considering the crosshairs for aiming with a knife is gonna be like the ones for the COD throwing knives.). When a target is hit, it marks them for 3 seconds.
PASSIVE: Expertise/Stalker. You crouch-walk faster and can climb 1.5x – 2x times higher than before. Sprint when climbing to RUN up the building! But beware! Running up a building/wall causes a great deal of noise!

Side-Note: I felt that Lifeline should actually be a combat medic. Not some girl with a care package.
ULT: First-Aid. Calls in a drone which opens up, carrying 5 syringes, 2 Batteries. 5 cells and 2 med kits. Maybe 3 syringes, 1 bat, 3 cells and 1 med kit??? I dunno which one.

TACTICAL: Nox Gas Trap: The only change here is that friendly gas is blue.

TACTICAL: Grapple. Reduced cool down to 25 seconds instead of 35 seconds. ( I don’t know what they were thinking lol) Increase delay in the grapple connecting.

Tell me what you guys think! I want some devs to see this. Especially the Rev rework. (“I’m not thanking you!”)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gmztqh/legend_buffrework_concepts_octane_revenant/

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